High Holidays 5783


We need a new year with peace and hope. We need an opportunity to recover from the traumas of this time.  As individuals and as American Jews we must determine our most significant priorities and how we must be strong. We need a sophisticated Jewish lens to give us our value driven perspective in our world of complex problems and multiple identities.

At Aitz Hayim, we will be ready with Rosh HaShanah beginning Sunday evening, September 25. We’ll be back together in-person at the Highland Park Community House and, of course, on Zoom.

Rabbi Elan Babchuck, who has already developed a national reputation will use his charisma and wisdom to engage us in interactive discussion throughout the liturgy to get beyond platitudes to the real issues that drive our fears, doubts and hopes.


World class musicians Howard Levy, Chris Siebold and Kalyan Pathak will improvise musical responses to the themes of the High Holiday experience, melding the familiar with the contemporary.

Cantors David Landau and Judith Golden will avoid responsive readings and calling pages to relate the sounds of prayer to images and words on the big screen.

At Aitz Hayim we believe that the Jewish way stimulates thoughtful questioning far more than it supplies answers. We know we come from a tradition that is often in conflict with itself. By linking together with family and friends, by participating with the comfort of familiar music and with in-depth discussions we are evolving more poignant and relevant ways of experiencing the holidays. Because, at Aitz Hayim the cutting edge is our Jewish tradition.

Whether you are with us in-person or on Zoom, for a visit or the whole experience, please complete the online forms through our website:


or by contacting Aitz Hayim directly via phone: 847-835-3232 or email: aitzhayim@gmail.com  and someone will get back to you with complete information.

May you and your family stay safe and please join our efforts to make 5783 a better year.