Rabbi Tamar Manasseh and Professor Stephen Asma Bring Tisha B’av Home—Saturday evening Aug 6 and Sunday Morning August 7

Tisha B’av is the day of mourning/transformation on the day the world as we knew it was destroyed. It is a day of reflection and redefinition of finding new ways to achieve our goals. That we remember the Temple is an essential way of our living post Temple.

On July 4, the peace and communal joy of the Independence Day parade was shattered with death, destruction, and vulnerability that we thought we would not have to face. Now Tisha B’av is a chance to reflect on what is wrong with our world and what we can do.

With two events on the day that more than any other defines the lens of Jewish perspective, we will use the tools of this day to guide us through our grieving and rebuilding process.

Saturday evening, August 6th, 7:30 PM (CDT)
at Central Cafe, 644 Central Ave., Highland Park.

Please take a COVID rapid test before attending. Proof of vaccination and masking mandatory.

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Rabbi Tamar Manasseh, who organized MASK (Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killing) from the corner of 75th and Stewart in Englewood, has been with us before. But now she comes to our site of violence after our day of shattering loss. She comes with the compassion and rage that are in every part of her neighborhood at every time.

Sunday morning August 7th at 10:30 AM (CDT) Professor Stephen T. Asma will be with us on Zoom

Professor Stephen T. Asma, who spoke with us about the neurobiology of religion, is a philosopher of life sciences at Columbia College with a special interest in imagination and an understanding of monsters and horror.

He will explore the multiple factors that go into the creation sustaining and enabling of dangerous behavior. What are the interactions between families and society, psychopathology and the availability of weapons, communal protection and individual freedom?

Tisha B’av is the introspective day that engages us in exploring our own individual and societal behavior. Stephen Asma brings depth and insight to this discussion.

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Tisha B’av teaches us that mourning is not just sadness, but also incorporating what was into what we need.

This year it speaks to us with timely and proximal meaning.