The High Holidays begin soon. Rosh Hashana starts on Monday evening, September 6 this year.


We will be Zooming live from the Highland Park Community House. We will offer experiences that have been transformed by our COVID year: We will have themed segments that highlight the ideas and goals of the holidays with discussion, liturgy, and music.


Rabbi Elan Bachuck will share his thoughts and guide our process. Cantors David Landau and Judith Golden with Susan Olken will offer prayers and lead us in song.


This year, with Howard Levy unable to be with us, Aaron Kula will facilitate our music with percussionist Kalyan Pathak, Shawn Maxwell on flute, saxophone and clarinet and Ed Gerber on electric bass and guitar.

Aaron, Irwin’s brother, grew up in a cantorial family and has achieved renown as a conductor, composer, accordionist, musical historian and performer. Among his specialties is reimagining traditional Jewish music.
Last year we wondered how our year on Zoom would affect the future of our High Holidays. This year we know what we will incorporate—our unique graphics, our multimedia, our enhanced discussions to really make Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur work to shape our course for 5782 ahead.
We support ourselves primarily through the dues of its members. We know that affiliation may feel out of sync with popular culture, but we are confident that those who are invested in Jewish living through Aitz Hayim will continue contributing to the community and invite those who want to participate in ways not imagined years ago.
Contact the Aitz Hayim office via phone: 847.835.3232 or email: aitzhayim@gmail.com. Stay involved and know that your help provides substance and vitality.
May you and your family stay safe.